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Chimney Removal & Repairs

While a chimney can add warmth and character to your house, it can also serve as nothing more than an expensive reminder of a bygone era. Thousands of chimneys across the UK have fallen into disrepair and pose a real safety risk. A damaged and unused chimney can also contribute to water damage to your home and even risk your health if it's used.

If your chimney has become nothing more than an expensive worry, we can help with affordable chimney stack and breast removal done with minimal interruption to your life.

Chimney Repairs & Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney stacks need regular inspections to detect any problems that may affect your health and safety. A chimney in poor repair can lead to dampness in your home, water damage, or structural threats. Our chimney repair experts handle all types of repairs:

Brickwork issues. When the mortar of the masonry deteriorates, it exposes the chimney to moisture that can further damage the brickwork and the home. Ensuring your brickwork is in good condition keeps moisture out of your home.

Flue cracks. Chimneys are originally made with a lining such as clay tile which can crack under the intense heat and stress of fireplace use. A cracked flue can be very dangerous by allowing heat to reach combustible parts of the home and start a fire. If you have a crack in the flue, do not use the fireplace until it is repaired.​

Issues with the chimney crown and/or cap which can allow water into your house.​

Blockages caused by deterioration, birds' nests, debris and creosote buildup. This byproduct of combustion is highly flammable and a leading cause of chimney fires. If your chimney has not been cleaned in some time, chimney sweep service can remove the deadly buildup of creosote so you can use your fireplace safely without the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.​

Chimney Removal

If you want more space in your home or your chimney is simply in disrepair and it's cheaper to remove than replace, our chimney technicians offer cost-effective professional chimney removal. Many chimneys across the UK are simply obsolete thanks to gas central heating and the cost of maintaining and repairing a chimney is often cost-prohibitive. If you aren't going to use your chimney, or you want to free up space inside your home, removing the chimney is the way to go.

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Depending on your goal, the chimney removal cost may not be as high as you think. This is because removing your chimney doesn't necessarily involve removing the full brick construction from top to bottom. Removing only the sections that meet your requirements can dramatically reduce the total cost.

There are two chimney components typically removed:The chimney stack is the section visible from outside the home at the roof. The stack starts at the loft of the home and emerges from the roof. The flue of the chimney extends from the hearth where the fire is built inside the home upward and out the stack through a series of pots. If you have a semi-detached home, you likely have chimney breasts that join in the attic and emerge through a single stack.

The chimney breast is the section visible on the walls of the home. This part of the chimney projects from the wall to accommodate the fireplace and extends upwards to contain the flue that carries smoke out through the stack.

Chimney removal cost depends on the scope of the project and how many sections that will be removed. If your stack is in poor condition, for example, opting for chimney stack removal alone will limit the work to the roof and loft for a lower cost.

An alternative to removing the chimney is chimney capping. This affordable solution can solve a condensation issue from rainwater. Chimney capping protects the crown of your chimney as well as the interior portion of the chimney from water damage.

Call the Chimney Removal Experts

Removing part of your chimney to free up space inside or get rid of a high-maintenance safety hazard doesn't need to be the major project you think. We specialise in affordable, safe chimney breast and stack removal to help you rest easy at night. Ready to get rid of your crumbling chimney stack or the massive chimney breast in your home? Call us for a free estimate on your project from your local chimney contractors.